How to Tame the Artwork in Your House


If you are like me and have one or more kids in daycare or preschool, you bring home artwork almost every day. This doesn’t include artwork from Children’s church on Sundays! It’s easy to end up with piles of artwork all over the house, and if I am honest, some piles never make it out of my car.

A few years ago, I decided we needed to figure out a better way to store and display all of the artwork. I also wanted to give myself guidelines on what to keep. Hopefully this will help give you some ideas for your house.

Set Guidelines

I set guidelines for myself because I know keeping every single piece of artwork is unrealistic. As an adult who received a box of school work my mom kept, I know that years later, my son or daughter will not want every single color page they have done.

Anything that has their hand or footprints on it gets kept.

Color pages get displayed for a while, but when I take them down, I do not keep them. I use my discretion on things they have made. If I can tell the teacher did most of the work, I am typically OK getting rid of it after it has been displayed. If I can tell my child did most of the work, I will keep it.


Use Artwork Displays

To display our kids’ artwork, I wanted something that would be easily changed since we get new artwork all the time. I went to Wal-Mart and got a small curtain rod, then I got ring clips that are typically used for curtains. We hung that on the wall and it is the perfect set up to display our kids’ artwork. It’s so easy to change when the time comes! I also take some of the more special pieces, like for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and I frame them in dollar store frames to display around the house. Doing that, rather than hanging them with all the other pieces, makes the kids feel good about the gift they made.

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Store Your Artwork

As I take artwork down from hangers, I place it in a small water tight storage box that’s kept at the top of my son’s closet. The guidelines I have set up help me keep the amount of artwork stored in control. Every once in a while, I will go back through the box and make sure everything in there is something that we really want to keep.


These are a few things that we have done to keep our house organized. Do you have a favorite way of displaying the artwork in your house?