Easy & Cheap ‘Monster Fireplace’ Halloween DIY


Crafts or Crap? Sometimes it can be crap, lol, AND be a lot of extra work for you and your kiddos to do a craft together. Is it worth it?

Making memories? Maybe.

The headache? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I genuinely enjoy doing little crafts with my soon to be 4yr old twins. I have also figured out what kind of projects MOMMY enjoys doing and what kind of mediums we are gonna be using because, let’s be honest, we go to the craft store and gather ALL THE THINGS for 3 seconds worth of entertainment and 45 minutes of mess. Sigh.

BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING MAMA: This one is not messy AND I didn’t have to go to store! It also gave us some fun learning as we talked about shapes and colors. All you need is a fireplace (I have a handy man if you need a fireplace installed, haha) colored paper, scissors and tape.

STEP ONE: Cut out TRIANGLES for the teeth and fangs

STEP TWO: Cut out CIRCLES for the eyes

STEP THREE: Make some STRIPS for Monster hair

THAT IS IT YOU GUYS!!! Now you have a SPOOKTACULAR Monster fireplace that will also not eat their veggies!

Boy Girl Twins in matching halloween pajamas, standing in front of a fireplace that has been transformed to look like a monster using paper to make green fringe hair, google eyes, and big white triangular fangs and teeth.