Falling in Love with Fall {Family Friendly DIY Autumn Decor}


I absolutely love Fall and everything about it. The cooler weather, football, the leaves changing color, which means the bugs go back to their level in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! The salted caramel mocha at Starbucks, but most of all, I love decorating for fall. There is something about fall decor that just makes your home feel cozy.

Our family tries to make some of our decorations ourselves. Those handmade decorations tell a story, our story. We get to see over the years how our daughter has grown creatively. We get to see our favorite part of the autumn seasons. My husband and daughter love Halloween, I personally love Thanksgiving.  I do love Halloween, but Thanksgiving, I believe, is where family memories are made.

Fall is also the beginning of the soccer season for my daughter, so we have to make time to make our decorations…. AND if my husband let me, I would probably keep my fall decor up year round. I am that lady who loves fall that much. Although we get to work together as a family to make our decor, I would still like to leave it up year round.

Kid Friendly Halloween Decor
Kiddo’s Halloween Spoons

This year, my daughter painted some cheap and old wooden spoons for some Halloween decor. I made an outdoor decoration from an old pallet.

These memories are what our daughter will remember, and one day, when she’s older with a family of her own, I will be able to give her the best decorations that I have ever had in my home. The decorations that she made.

If you are looking for some fun fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even Christmas decor. Some wooden spoons, paint and paint brushes work wonderfully. Your kids will love the painting while you will love the new decorations you have. I call that a win/win.

Making My Outdoor Pallet Decor
Making My Outdoor Pallet Decor

Then there are the decorations that adults can do. All you need is a pallet (any size) and the paint color of your choice for the background. I like light paint so the other colors show up really well.

My choice for this project was Moon White, then fall color paints. I used jack o’lantern orange, yellow, and bright white. You will need stencils for your wording, unless you are completely awesome at hand-lettering with paint. I am not, so I used stencils.

I hope you have a fun time at making your own fall decorations this year and falling in love with fall. Whether you are ready for Halloween, or just autumn.