DIY Easter Garden Gnomes


The gnome has become more popular as a decoration for holidays and outside gardens. I started seeing Easter Bunny Gnomes all over the place, so I wanted to try my hand at a few DIY Easter Gnomes for our house! They came out so cute that I wanted to share my steps so we can all have these adorable Spring Gnomes outside to bring some sunshine to the Coastal Bend!

Things You Need to Make your Easter Garden Gnomes:

Easter Garden Gnomes

  •  8.25″ Terracotta Flowerpot (One for each Gnome)
  • 6″ Terracotta Flowerpot (One for each Gnome)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Rope (optional)
  • Glue Gun (optional)

For the Gnomes, you are going to use the larger pot for the body and the smaller pot for the hat. Also, I chose to make rope beards on two of our gnomes and a painted beard on the third. The painted beard was MUCH easier, so while I LOVE the look of the rope beards, they made this a much harder project.

How To Make your Gnome:

  1. First, I drew on the Gnomes’ noses so that we knew where paint and beards should go.
  2. Then paint your hat and body two different colors. I let my kids go wild and pick whatever colors they wanted. This is what makes your gnome look bright and cheery! Because we wanted to make them Easter Gnomes, I painted little bunny ears on each hat. You could skip this to make it a regular year-round gnome.
  3. Once you have both pots painted, you will want to glue on your beard by cutting small rope sections and gluing them around the nose or paint on a beard around the nose.



4. After you have either glued or painted your beard on, you will set the smaller pot on top of the larger one, and your Easter Garden Gnomes are done! Find a spot in your garden for your new friends to live!

Easter Garden Gnomes

My kids and I had so much fun picking out our colors and making these sweet little Garden Gnomes. I can’t wait to make some more for ALL of the holidays! And if you are looking for more Easter inspiration, please look at all of our Easter posts here!

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