DIY: Bundled Q-Tip Painting a Fall Tree


Fall DIY Painting 1

I am always on the look out for fun projects I can do with my daughter while my son is at school. She loves to have something to show off to her “bubba” when he gets home from school.

The other day while I was scrolling through Facebook I saw this fun project that used a bundle of Q-Tips to make a Fall Tree, I thought that was such a clever idea and knew I had the supplies already on hand (bonus!).

It is so simple even a caveman can do it…

or in my case a three-year-old!!! 

You will need to gather the items below :

  • Tiny handful of Q-Tips, small enough for little hands but large enough they have plenty to grab a hold of.
  • Rubber band, or if you are like me and do not have rubber bands you can use an old hair tie.
  • Card Stock or some sort of heavy duty art paper. We used a Watercolor paper because that is what I had on hand. You want the paper to be thicker so the paint won’t bleed through.
  • Paint in fall colors. We used a Light Green, Dark Green, Dark Red, and Yellow. I would have used Orange too if I had any but I did not have any on hand. Luckily for us we live in South Texas so my kids didn’t realize Fall Trees have more orange in them. I also used Black for the tree trunk/branches.
  • Paper plate to dump the paint on
  • 1 paint brush to make the tree
  • Also if you are like me you may want to get an apron of some sort to protect clothes. I have kid sized ones but they are currently still packed after our recent move, so I let her use my apron.

DIY Fall Painting 2

The first step was to draw the tree trunk and branches, I did that part for my daughter so that the end project would actually resemble a tree. If you have older painters you could probably let them be in charge of their own trees if they have a reference to look at.

Once I had the tree done I sat behind my daughter and helped her dip the end of her Q-Tip bundle in the paint, and showed her how to dot the paint onto the paper.

DIY Fall Painting 3

After a couple times with my help she got the hang of it so I let her go to town just making suggestions of where she should add paint to fill in blank spots.

Once she was happy with her tree she told me she was done, and we set it out on the table to dry. This was a really fun project that did not take hardly any time at all. From gathering the supplies to clean up maybe took a total of 30-45 minutes.

And bonus my daughter got to practice her fine motor skills and has a pretty painting that she gets to display proudly along side her brothers school work.

I want to see your Fall Trees!! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram using #coastalbendmom and show us your kids art work!

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