Dads Like Crafted Gifts, Too


I have never been great at picking out Father’s Day gifts. I have fabulous birthday present giving skills (at least I did before I had kids, back when there was time for things like shopping and paying attention to adults and their wants and needs.) Now we’ve reached the point where my husband will order something on Amazon and I pay the bill. Happy Birthday Honey!! What did I buy you that I need to shove in a gift bag so you will feign surprise so the kids can learn the importance of buying things for others?

Father’s Day gifts have always eluded me, though. They’re not the same as a birthday present. A Father’s Day gift should show love and appreciation for all the time and hard work that goes into being a dad. A birthday gift can be wine. I blame my upbringing. Every year, without fail and at my mom’s direction, I would buy my dad a bottle of Old Spice. Every now and then, just to mix it up, he might also get an Old Spice Soap on a Rope.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thanks for helping to raise me. To show my appreciation, here’s something to help keep you from stinking.

Old Spice is not quite ‘ugly tie’ present level, but it’s close.

So, now that my kids are old enough to be involved in picking out that ‘Thanks for Helping to Raise Me’ gift for their dad, I’d like to break the Old Spice cycle and have them give something meaningful. Or at least something that is not covered in Pokemon stickers. I always love gifts that have been made by my kids, and there are many crafted present ideas that are Dad-centric. One even helps get rid of excess Legos!


Here are some fun and original Father’s Day gift ideas:

For the dad who misplaces his keys

For the bicyclist dad

For the bookworm dad

For the golfing dad

For the coffee drinking dad

For the sentimental dad

What are some of your favorite Father’s Day gift ideas?