Outdoors in the Outskirts


When my husband and I first moved out to Mathis, everything felt like a ten-thousand-mile trek. Grocery shopping? Pack up the suitcases and hook up the wagon for a three-day journey! Target? Starbucks? By golly, better make sure we have some non-perishable snacks for that voyage. Anything on the island? Nope. Nope. Nope.

We had our first kid almost three years ago, and I had no idea what outdoor activities existed out here in our neck of the woods. We bought her a playset and I lied and told her the backyard was the “park.” Now that she’s almost three, and we have a second little human. We’ve started exploring the Corpus Christi outskirts and finding our niche. So far, we have two all-time favorite outdoor spots that are perfect in this beautiful spring weather.

#1: Lake Corpus Christi State Park (Mathis, TX)

This spot is clearly the obvious choice since we live nearby. My daughter and I have gone on countless state park journeys and we’ve always, always had a blast. Every year the rangers do activities for the kids, and since we’re nearby, we’ve taken advantage of the super fun things to do. Last year, we went kayaking with the park rangers, which is always fun for me because the park provides life jackets, kayaks, paddles, and most importantly, guidance from a park ranger. My daughter made a milk-carton bird feeder last year that I still have hanging in my sycamore tree. We’ve also done a guided hike at Catfish Point Trail and gone fishing off the new pier. Park activities are always fun and I can’t wait to do them with my littles all over again.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Lake Corpus Christi Events

During the park’s off-season, we visit the park for nature walks, tree climbing, and just use the space as our very own Walden Pond.

#2: Anderson Park (Alice, TX)

Nestled in the middle of Alice, Texas, is a wonderland of play places. Anderson Park is our newest discovery and absolute favorite place to play outdoors. This park has over seven playgrounds as well as random play equipment and swing-sets scattered throughout the park. During the week the park usually pretty empty but even on the busy weekends it feels spacious; it’s super easy to move over to the next play area and meet the next group of random play friends. The last time we were there, my husband and I had to pry my daughter off of the play equipment because she was having so much fun.


Does your family have a favorite outdoor hangout in the Coastal Bend, or more importantly on the outskirts of the Coastal Bend? 


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