My Family’s Summer Plans for 2020


It has hit me in the last week or so that our summer is about to look very different this year. We had plans to take a family trip to College Station for a soccer camp for my son, then finish the week off with a few days in Dallas. But those summer plans have had to be canceled due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. 

And honestly as sad as I am not to have a family trip this year, our family’s safety is more important so I am ok with canceling our summer plans. But now what, what will our summer actually look like? 

Now that the country and our city are starting to slowly open when will I feel comfortable taking my kids anywhere? 

This is a question I have asked myself over and over the past few days, and I honestly do not have an answer for you right now. So what does that mean for me and my family? What will our summer look like if we can no go to the normal places you would spend your summer days? 

summer plans

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More Trips to the Beach

If you have read any of my previous articles, you will know that my family is not what you would call “Beach Lovers.” Our summers are not filled with long days playing in the sand. But this year, I see many more trips in our future. Making a full day out of traveling the hour from our house to any Port A beach, then spending the time to go as far down and away from the crowds as possible. Then playing in our own little bubble. I feel like this is a good way to fill those LONG summer days that can seem to go on forever. 

Exploring the Hidden Gems of the Coastal Bend 

When you have grown up here, as I have, the thought of trying to find new things to see can feel impossible or tedious. But I know there are so many small hidden places in our area that are worth seeking out that I have not seen in years, and that my children have never experienced. {If you know of a hidden gem that I should add to my list please let me know in the comments}

A few of the areas that I plan to visit are:

Investing in Many More Water Toys for our House 

As you may know the heat here in the summer months can be hard to overcome. This is way most summers we choose to spend our time at the Portland Aquatic Center or the Portland Splash Pads. But this year, my family will be continuing our social distancing practices as much as possible. That means avoiding crowded areas like a public pool. But this means if I want my family to play outside, we will need better ways to beat the heat! So while normally I would think buying a bunch of water toys a waste of money, this year I plan to stock up so that we can spend time outside away from electronics as much as possible, while not melting in the sun! 

Saying “YES” More Often

Maybe our summer won’t be filled with memory-making trips, and we won’t be able to get our yearly vacation Christmas ornament. But if there is something I have learned over the last month is that we don’t have to be doing big and grand things with our kids to make lasting memories. In the last month, I have been pushed to say “YES” more to things that otherwise I might have been reluctant to. Yes to swimming in the pool at 9am, yes to baking challenges, yes to multiple bike rides and walks during the day. See while I have been saying “YES” we have been making memories, of this time together. And while there have been some disappointing days in the past month, we have laughed together more and spent so much more intentional time together. I want to make sure that our summer is more of the same!   

Maybe like me, you have been worried about what your summer might look like this year. For many, they know that they will not be returning to school until August for the next year so many you feel like you are already in the throws of the world’s longest summer break.

My hope is that by sharing my concerns and my summer plans with you that you will feel a new sense of hope, and get some ideas of things you and your family can do together to make the most of your time at home. 

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