I Love Raising My Family in Corpus Christi


I moved to Corpus Christi in the fall of 2001 to attend Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. I seriously didn’t think that I would get married here and start raising a family, but I have grown to love my city, mostly because I have met a lot of fun and interesting people in the 15 years I have been here. It has been a huge blessing to raise my kids in this beautiful city. Here are a few reasons why.

I love that our community has a diverse religious community consisting of many different faiths and beliefs. And because I, personally, want my children growing up knowing who God is, I think it is pretty cool that we live in a city whose name means ‘body of Christ.’ If you haven’t stopped by to see the beautiful statue at First United Methodist Church on Shoreline of Jesus in a boat, please do. This landmark hosts the title, ‘Take Heart. It is I. Have No Fear,’ taken from the Gospel of Mark.Corpus Christi Bayfront Art- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Corpus Christi has tons of public art displayed throughout town! The City’s Arts and Cultural Services Department has information about public art viewings and PDF guides that show you exactly where local public art is located. The City even provides a detailed map of art located along the bayfront! This is fun to enjoy with your children because a lot of this art work is downtown, making it especially easy to park in one area and take a walking tour of various art. Because I love exposing my children to the different cultures that are represented here in Corpus Christi, I highly recommend packing up the family car and spending an afternoon (or morning) exploring these fantastic pieces around town. The City of Corpus Christi’s website also has information about Heritage Park and monthly Art Walks that are great for families to enjoy. They are super fun for all ages!

My husband and I have four kids, which as you can imagine, is expensive! I love that there are always free and affordable local attractions available to Corpus Christi parents. Living in Corpus Christi means we have 24/7 access to the beach! One of our favorite pastimes is to load everyone up in the car and drive to the beach. We enjoy the view, and of course, collecting shells and sand dollars, a great activity for kids of all ages. Cole Park is another favorite of mine. Since being remodeled, the park is bigger and more spacious than before. As a plus, during the summer months, the Arts & Culture Department hosts movie nights and concerts in the amphitheater starting in May. Of course there are also attractions such as the USS Lexington, Texas State Aquarium and the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History , all which have reasonable admission and yearly memberships. The aquarium has added a new shark exhibit and is expanding as we speak! The museum has added a new science center, which we look forward to checking out soon!

What are some things you love about raising kids in Corpus Christi?

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Angelica C
Angelica, also lovingly referred to as Angel, is a wife to her high school sweetheart, Oscar, and the young couple finally tied the knot in June of 2004. After struggling with infertility for seven years, they welcomed their first child, Gideon {January 2012}, and in three short years they welcomed Annabelle {2013}, Deacon {2014} and Jubilee {2015}. In the summer of 2016, Angel’s oldest child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which she continues to educate herself about by reading books, listening to podcasts and attending local classes and training events. When Angel isn’t busy tackling home duties and juggling her children’s activities, she enjoys taking self-defense classes at Krav Maga Houston, which she has been attending since moving to Houston in November 2016. She also loves coffee, reading, and meeting new people. Angel strives to live out 1 John 3:16 daily and loves talking and teaching others about what that means.


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