Fishing for Beginners- Tips & Advice from Coastal Bend Locals


(Note: I did not receive any compensation to mention the local fishing business in this post.)

Catching Fish | Coastal Bend Mom Collective
Hello Coastal Bend readers! Can y’all believe that I have lived in the Corpus Christi pretty much my whole life and I have never been fishing?!

I know! I know. Crazy right. Well it’s true. I learned that National Go Fishing Day is coming up June 18th. So, I decided to learn a few things about fishing.


I have never been much of an outdoorsy girl; I honestly do not know the first thing to do. I decided to reach out to some locals to see what tips and advice they might be able to give me. First, a consensus of my social media friends had this to say:

Fishing Tips

Learn patience
• Watch YouTube videos on fishing
• Fish at a low pier
• Observe others
• Ask other fishermen
• Use a guide service
• Find a rod & reel that suits you  

Fishing | Coastal Bend Mom

One thing I did learn was that instead of calling them fishermen/women they are called Anglers. Did not know this. I reached out to local Angler (see what I did there?) and owner of Elite Fishing & Tackle, Adam Altamirano. I asked him a for some advice for anyone wanting to learn how to fish.

Q: What are some essential pieces of equipment an Angler might need?

A: First and foremost, they need a saltwater/freshwater fishing license. You want to be legal and have the latest information on fishing regulations. Second, you will need a fishing rod and reel. Some of the new fishing rod/reel combos I sell in my shop, are perfect for beginners and I usually rig them up upon request. Third, you will need some fishing tackle (hooks, sinkers, leaders etc.) then you just need some bait and a fishing spot. I recommend if you are a beginner to go to a local fishing pier (Marker 27, CosWays, or Red Dot). There you will find a comfortable fishing environment, and staff that won’t mind pointing you in the right direction. What I like most about those piers is they are equipped with bathrooms, a bait shop and have snacks and drinks as well.

Q: What is something you wish someone had told you when you first learned to fish?

A: That using the right equipment and correct fishing application will make your time out on the water worth your while. There is a saying that goes “There is nothing like using the right tool for the job.” -Unknown. That saying holds true for fishing. Depending on what you are fishing for you want to use the right fishing equipment and tackle as well as method and application. I also wish someone had told me that you will not catch fish every single time you go out. Just go out fishing for the experience, and if the byproduct is catching a fish you and your family will enjoy eating, and that’s even better!

Q: Where is one of your favorite spots to fish in the Coastal Bend?

A: Wow, that is a personal question for anglers. We usually play information like that close to the chest (haha). Actually, my favorite spot is the Port A Jetties. I like it because you can catch a variety of species out there. If you fish on the beach side in the shallows you can catch trout, or flounder. When you go further down you can go for Redfish, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Caravelle, and Sharks. Also, on the channel side you can fish for sheep-head along the rocks.

This indoors girl learned a lot about fishing, and I plan to utilize this information and plan a day to take my daughter to learn how to fish (don’t tell my husband though he’ll want to go like yesterday). Thank you to all the anglers for your tips and advice.

Who’s ready to go fishing? Do you have any tips for beginners? If you’re looking for some great spots, check out our Guide to Local Fishing Spots!

Fishing Tips for Beginners