Me + Dollar Stores = BFF


I like nice things and am willing to pay good money for them. That being said, I am not above shopping at discount and bargain outlets. My new fave places to go are dollar stores. There are a couple of different ones here in Corpus: Family Dollar, Dollar General and the Dollar Tree. 

dollar stores

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You may be surprised at what you can find at dollar stores. Here are my favorite finds!


Balloons, party supplies, greeting cards

dollar store


If you are planning a party, the cost can add up quickly. Start your shopping at a dollar store. You can usually find crepe paper, paper plates, napkins, cups and cutlery in all different colors. Some of the stores also have themed decorations for a beach party, baby shower, 4th of July cookout, etc.


Another expense that adds up quickly is balloons. The dollar stores have a good variety of balloons for different events. They usually have some already filled so you can grab and go. Or you can pick out what you want and have them filled on the spot.

dollar store

You may not find everything you want for a party at a dollar store, but I bet you can get pretty close. I was surprised at how much was available.

Art supplies for kids

Dollar stores have chalk, craft supplies, crayons and PlayDough. They may not be name brand (although some are!) but does that really matter when it comes to something that has a finite life anyway? Crayons and the ilk are designed to be used. And with kids, they will also get lost and broken. Why pay a lot of money?


Not all toys at the dollar stores are generic or knockoffs. I have found plenty of items with SpongeBob, Frozen and Paw Patrol to name a few. These are the types of toys that are perfect for stocking stuffers, birthday gift bags or car trips. Take a look!



How cute is this tray? My son loves eating from it!






My son is also way into shapes right now. I found these kits for making dodecahedrons (say that five times fast) and more. Most unexpected.



You never know what you might discover at a dollar store. What are some of your favorite finds? Tell us in the comments below.

Happy shopping!