10 Reasons I Cut the Cord with Amazon


Most moms love Target. But that’s never really been my thing. I imagine it’s partly because I hate fighting crowds at Moore Plaza. Probably also because I don’t get out much. So, really, my relationship with Target is nothing. It’s always been that way.

But then there’s my whirlwind romance with the one retailer who gives me everything I could possibly want, whenever I want it. And from the comfort of my couch!

You know who I’m talking about.

I have developed an online addiction to Amazon. And as with any unhealthy addiction, I feel I need to cut the cord completely, because I’m not strong. I am weak. Oh, so weak.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Shopping is too easy, ALL the time. 

It’s always just one thing, but those things add up.

2. Amazon Mom. 

I love it! They discount my purchases and even save me money on bulk diapers! But I keep buying other things too. Now our once organized pantry is loaded with things like 12 jars of organic almond butter, enough to last until my toddler graduates from high school. Need Chapstick? Let me know… I think I have a 48 pack.

3. Amazon delivers within the hour now in some markets.

It’s been a dream of mine to have that here, but for my wallet and pantry’s sake, no Amazon. Please stay a healthy 2 days of shipping away from me! I cannot resist you!

4. Amazon Prime. 

I love it. Everything is worth buying because there’s free shipping! Amazon’s Prime’s item is $10 more than another vendor’s same product? Well, I don’t know that vendor. I love Amazon… And it’s free shipping! Clearly I am unable to shop Amazon and remain rational.

5. I don’t have to get dressed. 

I don’t have to wear makeup. Heck, I can shop even without having to shower! Amazon does not care!

6. It’s WAY too easy to feed my book addiction. 

Although, I’m not sure I’ve actually finished any books I’ve bought from Amazon lately. I’ve definitely started most of them and feel very smart when I see how much information is taking up space on my bookcase and in my Kindle.

7. Gifts! 

No leaving the house. No planning needed. And my gift giving is done!

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8. HUGE boxes of kitty litter delivered to my doorstep!

I can buy anything. Anything. But should I? Do my neighbors judge me for always have a 200 lb. box of cat litter sitting on the porch step? I’m not sure… but if I think about it hard enough… perhaps that’s why the Guerras moved…

9. Product Reviews! 

Will I love this item? Will the gift recipient? I already know!

10. Amazing Customer Service. 

Recently I bought the Kindle edition of a cookbook by accident. I called customer support, expecting to be on the phone for an hour, like when you call your computer or cell carrier, or any other big company. Y’all, my call was answered by a real person and resolved in less than two minutes.

So, you see? I am powerless against Amazon. I cannot say no. But I have to.

So, dear, sweet, Amazon, know how much I love you. Truly. I really really do. But it’s just too easy. And for now, I need a break. Things are out of control and it’s time for me to cut the cord. But if it makes this easier, Amazon, please remember, it’s not you… it’s me.


  1. I feel your pain! I removed my card so it makes it harder to shop on the fly, I actually have to get up and find my card to input it. Most of the time I get distracted by another task and before I get back to Amazon I realize I do not need that item very much!

    • I LOVE that idea!! I was just thinking this morning that I should entirely cut out anything I can find locally. I may just steal your tip too!! ??

  2. So so true. I find value in it at Christmas time though. I nearly did all my shopping from Amazon because I hate fighting crowds. I recently evaluated our output and yes, Amazon is much to blame!! Thanks for the chuckle!

    • Oh yes, Christmas is a whole different animal… and last minute birthday gifts. And today, the grocery store was out of GF food we eat… Amazon is just too easy… :/

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