Corpus Christi Area Summer Bucket List 2016


What?!?!? Summer is just around the corner.

I cannot believe how fast this school year has flown by. Now that summer is nearly here, we have a few things we want to do. Our family is big on outdoor activities and nature. When its not soccer season (fall or spring) you can usually find my husband and daughter on fishing expeditions. That is their bonding time. I join every now and then and on those excursions. You can usually find me walking around enjoying nature.


Here is our bucket list of things we want to do this summer::

  • Red Dragon Pirate Cruises: Who doesn’t want to go out on the bay and watch pirates sword fight, sing, and dance? Come on, that is pretty awesome. Just don’t forget to bring the sunscreen.  You do  have to  make reservations (i.e. Get tickets in advance) The summer schedule for the pirate cruise starts May 22-September 7. They offer day and evening cruises. I am totally excited for this one. Pirates are one of my favorites and singing pirates? Yes, please.
  • Horses on the Beach: What a way to see the shores of a beach. On horseback. This one is something that we will probably do around our Anniversary. I love riding horses and my husband always takes me horseback riding on our anniversary. They operate by reservation only. Children are welcome. YAY for family fun horseback riding!!
  • Dolphin Connection: It may be a little out of our way, but its totally worth seeing the dolphins in Ingleside! (Told you we love the outdoors and nature!) Dolphin Connection offers exclusive and intimate trips for only 6 people. Reservations are a MUST. They only run their trips during peak viewing times, which for the close up sightings of dolphins is worth the reservation.
  • Hooks Baseball: What is summer without baseball? The crack of the bat as it makes contact with the ball. The hotdogs. The nachos. Soda tastes better at a baseball game. The crowd singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Baseball is the soulmate of summer nights.
  • Treasure Island Golf & Games: Who doesn’t like putt putt golf? Who doesn’t like to school their husband and kids? I like anything where we can have fun as a family and get a little competitive. Treasure Island Golf & Games is the perfect place for outdoor family fun!
  • Aransas National Wildlife Refuge: Alligators, wild hogs, birds, and mini hiking trails. What better way to spend the day during the summer. Our family loves zoos, but nothing beats seeing animals in their natural habitats. Not only do they have hiking trails, but you can do the driving tour. They have places where you can park and go spend some time out on the water. Its a perfect place to have a picnic and see nature.

I am excited for all we have planned this summer and hope you’ll enjoy yours as well! Remember to pack sunblock and water. Enjoy a frozen margarita! But most of all, get out there and make memories!