Concert Date Night: During a Pandemic! 

Date night is an element that is so essential to our marriage. We both need time away to just be adults and be with each other. During the shut-down, this has been incredibly difficult. The simple act of going out to eat has brought on a lot of anxiety and stress. The process is stressful to me, and at the same time, I don’t want to offend anyone else by doing something “wrong”.

Now that restrictions are easing, I was super excited to plan an out of the house date night. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was scrolling Instagram and an ad from Brewster Street came up with my favorite band coming to town.

Concert Date Night

I immediately got the green light to order tickets from my husband. I hopped online and ordered a table. Precautions in place, this was not our typical concert experience, but still just as much fun. In fact, it may now be my preferred way to do concerts. Let me tell you what it was like.


So first, instead of ordering individual tickets, you order a table at a time. By the time I got online only 6 top tables were available, but that was just fine with us. Through the shut-down, we have kept our social circle pretty small and we had 2 other couples who we knew would love to come with us.
At the venue, they checked us in by name, and then with masks on we were escorted to our table. I can honestly say this was my favorite part of the whole night. I love to dance, but as someone who is so short, this guaranteed that I would actually be able to see and not get stepped on all night.

Wait staff came to our tables and took our drink orders. They did a really good job of being attentive. The tables were spread far enough apart to be comfortable, but I didn’t feel like we were alone in wide-open space either. It felt like the perfect balance.

Since there is less capacity in the venue, most artists are doing 2 shows in one night. There had been an early show and we attended the late show. Everything was cleaned after the first show and had been re-setup for the second show. The doors opened about half an hour to 45 minutes before the show got started which was plenty of time for everyone to get settled in.

Then came the concert, it was just like any other concert with great energy and good music. Josh Abbott Band is my absolute favorite. I was able to sing my heart out! *apologies to my Instagram followers.

Concert at Brewster Street

My husband and I had such a great time with our friends enjoying the music we absolutely loved. If you are considering a concert date night or even a fun girls’ night out, I highly recommend the experience.