CCMB Remembers Hurricane Harvey


On the morning of August 25, 2017 residents of the Coastal Bend were bracing themselves for the impact of one of the largest hurricanes predicted to hit the South Texas Coast in many years. Corpus Christi, in particular, hadn’t seen a hurricane of this size in decades. Many residents had waited it out, thinking it would eventually putter out – as hurricanes can do – but Harvey had other plans. Instead, people were lining up in droves for generators (if they could find them), plywood for boarding up windows, attempting to secure their homes, and stocking up on food and water.

Over the next few days, we will share some of our stories – looking back on Harvey, one year later. The emotions that are brought back are real, and the past year has been one of growth, inspiration, hope, faith, and proving that people in the Coastal Bend are, indeed, #TexasStrong



One year ago, I had only just begun to date (my now husband) Brad. In fact, we had only just had our first date on August 19th– 6 days before Harvey hit land. He rushed back to Corpus to begin storm preparations on his home and I returned to Austin.


I remember having a constant stomach ache for the next week during his hurricane prep: I didn’t want him to stay!

one year ago

I remember watching the storm and tracking the weather that week like I have never done before. Growing up in Tornado Alley – Oklahoma, I was used to those, but Hurricane’s were a whole new beast and I had no idea how to handle it. I felt helpless. I was nervous and scared, and since I didn’t know what else to do, I approached it the same way I do everything else: with optimism and humor and try to make it as fun as I possibly can. I put together a quick Amazon order to ship some “hurricane kit” supplies to Brad – a couple of battery powered fans and extra batteries and a t-shirt that said “Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane” for him to wear during the storm. I also ordered myself some hurricane coffee to drink in Austin, you know, because why not? 🙂

That evening, I remember sitting in the garage with my neighbors – Brad’s and my mutual friends –  in Austin, late into the night on Friday, August 25th, glued to the TV as we watched it make landfall, all the while, watching my weather app where I had his home pinned.


I remember being so incredibly grateful to see the storm curve away from the direct line to his home. And then to hear from him shortly after landfall and know that that he and his home were okay – I was so relieved.





In the hours & days that followed, and the photos that he sent, I was just so thankful for the protection of so many homes and of lives, but, at the same time, I was heartbroken for my beloved Port Aransas & Rockport – places that my family and children have so many memories and have spent so many summers.

one year agoOne year later, I am so proud of the resilience of the Coastal Bend and how STRONG everyone proves to be. I am thankful to be a part of the Coastal Bend community.

Sonia’s Story:

one year ago

My story is not any more special than any of the other residents of the Coastal Bend. Like many, the days leading up to the landfall were spent in front of the television watching The Weather Channel and then finally making the decision that it was in our best interest to leave. One of the hardest parts of the whole situation was packing up and deciding which items were the most important to take with us.


I remember boarding up our house and thinking:

“we may never see this place again.”

one year ago


To think about it to this day still breaks my heart. We eventually left, my husband and I, our one month old daughter and our two cats and headed to my brothers. Never had I imagined the devastation that would eventually surround us. We were some of the lucky ones that got our house back and just needed our roof replaced. But a year later still hearing stories that people are still living in hotel rooms – and will most likely never get their homes back – makes me so heartbroken. Hurricane Harvey affected us so much that any little disturbance we see on the news makes us cringe and dread another devastating episode of what Mother Nature could do next. 


Erin’s story…

Does anyone remember the big event that happened on Monday, August 21st, 2017? There was a total solar eclipse. I stood in my father-in-law’s yard in north Texas, wearing my special eclipse glasses, taking in the  awesomeness of the universe. That was also the day that Harvey first formed. I made note of it, but as my family and I were on vacation, I wasn’t too concerned. As the week progressed, my anxiety slowly kept ratcheting up as the storm grew stronger and the path became more clear. By Friday, the eclipse was totally forgotten as I watched the awesomeness of Mother Nature in full effect. Thanking the Lord we were in a safe place. Hoping our home would still be there when we got back.

Christina’s story…

Hurricane Harvey was a whirl of emotions for me.  My daughter and my grandbaby decided to ride out the storm here in Corpus with her boyfriend’s family.  My parents and sisters both stayed as well. I am single and I did not want to be home alone.  I decided to go to McAllen with some really good friends of mine and we stayed with their family.  It was a bit nerve wrecking not knowing what my family had to go through or what they were about to endure. I quickly packed the essentials, prayed over my home and off I went.  God is so good. When I got back into town I really did not have a lot of damage to my home.  I am grateful for the friends who I had by my side.

Jennifer’s story…

I can still remember talking to my husband at the beginning of the week about this storm that was heading our way, but everyone seemed to think it was going to be no big deal so we were not worried about it. Then, Thursday morning came. As I was preparing to leave town to visit my mom, the storm just kept getting upgraded.  We realized we needed to put our shutters up AND that my husband was on the “Ride Out Crew” for the refinery and would have to report to work as soon as possible. It took us several hours, but we finally got the shutters in place. 

one year agoI started walking around the house thinking of all the things I should take with me: wedding pictures, important documents, old family bibles. 

I tried to focus on things that would not be able to be replaced if something were to happen to the house. We packed the car to capacity, loaded the kids in and I took a moment to stand and just look at our home – not knowing what would remain when we returned and even when we would be returning. I also had to tell my husband goodbye and know that he would be here in the storm trying to keep the refinery running. I cried and prayed most of the way to Kerville to my moms house, trying to keep my kids from being scared. one year ago

We were so very fortunate in Portland that most of the damage came from a broken play set and fence.  A year later and those moments are all very fresh in my memories, it feels as if it was only yesterday that we were waiting to hear that we had power again and eagerly waiting to check on the status of our home. 



Tell us Coastal Bend friends: how are you and your families recovering one year later? We will continue sharing our stories over the next week – but would love to hear from you! We know that our readers are Texas Strong so let’s continue to support each other! Leave us a comment on the blog or on Facebook.