Calling Out Corpus Christi’s Bored Members


“There’s nothing to do in Corpus Christi.”

“Corpus is so BORING!”

“Why can’t we be more like (insert trendy city here)?”

Husband and I moved here in 1997.  ON PURPOSE.  Locals are genuinely surprised when they learn that Corpus Christi is our city of choice.

We aren’t bumpkins.  Husband grew up in Los Angeles.  I’m from the Chicago area.  We lived in San Francisco and Phoenix before CHOOSING to live in Corpus Christi.

You know what we have in Corpus Christi?

Great beaches

Beaches that are perfect for beach combing, long boarding, fishing, and swimming.  The sand is soft, the waves are gentle.  It’s a perfect beach for families with small children.  Husband takes the boys to the beach every single weekend.  Every weekend they return, sunned and sandy, with stories of the dolphin they saw or the waves they rode, or the sandcastle they made.  My family never tires of Corpus Christi’s beaches.

Amazing wildlife

Ever been to a turtle hatchling release?  It’s extraordinary.  South Texas is home to deer, snakes, javelina, dolphins, cranes, roseate spoonbills, pelicans, oysters, redfish, owls, alligators… and that’s just what I’ve seen personally.


Every weekend live music is playing somewhere.  Like classical music?  We have a symphony and a Cathedral Concert Series.  Both Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Del Mar College have top music departments and gorgeous music venues.  We have some of the most talented Mariachi in the world. Corpus Christi is the HOME of Tejano music.  If you like Country music, Tejano’s even better.


We have an Art Museum, but my favorite is the public art.  Sculptures dot our landscape.  Go to any café and see beautiful paintings & sculptures from local artists.


Breakfast tacos.  Fruit cups.  Bar-b-q.  Seafood.  Not to mention Thai & Vietnamese.  Look at your yelp – there’s a lot to eat here.  Did I mention breakfast tacos?  Best in the world.


Bootcamp workout- Corpus Christi
80’s Day at Bootcamp. Do we look bored to you?

While it’s true we were named Men’s Health Fattest City of 2009 (We’re #1!) Corpus Christi has sports galore.  There are 5K’s almost every weekend, boot camps and zumba classes every single day. Since moving to Corpus Christi, I personally have become more fit through working out with my incredible trainer.


It’s so easy to make friends in Corpus Christi!  Don’t know where to find them?  Go volunteer.  There are dozens of volunteer opportunities in Corpus Christi.  Like animals?  Try the Gulf Coast Humane Society.  Like Business?  Try the Chamber of Commerce.  We have Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and Junior League… wonderful people who make this a great city.

In the almost 20 years I have lived in Corpus Christi, I have never been bored.


  1. Great post! I love to see why others choose Corpus, too!! There is no reason why anyone should complain about being bored here.

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