52 Weeks of Food Storage


52 Weeks of Food Storage

Build up your food storage one week at a time

We live in a part of the country where we have to prepare for all kinds of natural disasters, but as we approach hurricane season I know we are all brushing up on our emergency prep. We have several emergency practices in place, but one that gives me the most comfort is our rotating 52-week food storage plan.

When you are prepared you don’t need to fear.

Living in the South we have had multiple opportunities to be grateful for our established food storage. But building it up can feel very daunting. When we were first married it was hard to buy groceries for that week, let along prepare for the future. But we felt very strongly that have an emergency supply was very important.

So Where to start?


If you google “how to start an emergency supply” you will be met with some very extreme preparation posts which can be very off-putting. And a huge financial undertaking. But I knew there had to be a way to modify our preparations to fit our families budget and be practical. I started by creating an inventory of the things our family ACTUALLY uses on a monthly basis. I then determined how much we would need for 3 months and then 6 months and then 12 months. Once I had this list I was able to divide out how much of it I would need to buy each week to evenly distribute our finances. The goal was to not add more than 10$ a week to our grocery budget.

Food Storage Printable

Here is a Guide Line for how I did this. I have created this printable for you to use in your home too if you would like! Just Click on The Link Below! But of course, adjust it for your family’s size and needs!

52 Week Food Storage Printable

 Food Storage Printable


This goal of 52 weeks of food storage is to slowly build up your supply one week at a time so that you aren’t overwhelmed financially.

Food Storage Rules

Once we built up this supply we have another general rule that we follow. If we use something, we immediately replace it that week. So if we take out a bottle of ketchup, we immediately add it to the list. That way we are always restocked and ready to replace.

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PIN_ 52 Weeks of Food StorageWe have used this system for several years and it has saved us from moments of panic when disasters of various kinds strike. It is extremely unsettling when store shelves are empty, but when your pantry is stocked with food your family actually uses you can have reassurance and security.


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