4 Ways to Help Coastal Bend Hurricane Victims Immediately


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Not long ago, our focus was on a solar eclipse. But here we are, a few days later, in the midst of Hurricane Harvey, of the most dangerous hurricanes the Coastal Bend has seen. And although Texas is big, Harvey has ravaged much of the state. From destruction and devastation from Port Aransas and Refugio to Rockport and catastrophic flooding in Houston, Harvey is leaving its mark in the history books and on local lives. Families have fled. Others were unable to escape. Businesses have been destroyed. Communities are shattered. In some areas, the storm has passed, but looters are wreaking even more havoc.

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Wondering how you can help? We have some ideas! 

Be Kind

This sounds silly, but online chatter can get ugly quick. The morning the storm hit, I woke to several hours without news from family or friends. I feared I’d lost everyone. The last thing people need when they are facing adversity is negative comments. If it isn’t kind, please don’t post it.

Be Encouraging

When you’re in the midst of a disaster, encouraging words mean a lot. Help those in the thick of it know they’re cared about and doing a great job. Tell them about the good news if you have it. Offer them help, ideas, and solutions rather than suggestions on what should have been done.


Are you someone who wants their boots on the ground? There are a few options! Especially if you are in Texas, groups are forming and activating to help those in need.

American Red Cross

Post Harvey Cleanup {Corpus Christi}

This group was started by local residents who wanted to share resources and actively help cleanup the Coastal Bend. Their group contains great information about “pop up” outreach efforts and opportunities to donate products (water, food, clothes, etc.) throughout the area.

Salvation Army

Whether you’re in Texas or not, your donations, cash or products, are welcome! Here are some ideas:

Monetary Donations

Opportunities to donate money for relief efforts will be everywhere. Donate to a credible source to ensure your monies go where you expect them to. A great way to know for sure? Visit Charity Navigator to learn more.

American Red Cross

  • Call 1(800)-RED-CROSS 
  • Text Harvey to 90999 (automatic $10 donation)

Austin Pets Alive!

Catholic Charities Disaster Response and Disaster Recovery Services

Dallas Animal Services

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

Galveston County Food Bank

Houston Food Bank

Rockport Fulton Chamber of Commerce

The Salvation Army

Samaritan’s Purse

San Antonio Humane Society

Save The Children

Southeast Texas Food Bank

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

SPCA of Texas

Texas Diaper Bank

United Way of the Coastal Bend

  • Text UWHARVEY to 41444 (100% of the proceeds go to area organizations offering direct aid.)

Product Donations

Church Unlimited {Corpus Christi}

Accepting: Bottled water, bottled juice, canned goods, and plastic garbage bags
NO: Fresh food, clothing, or furniture.

Cornerstone Baptist Church {Alice}

Accepting: Clothes, shoes, and blankets

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church {Alice}

Accepting: Non perishables and water

St. Joseph Catholic Church with Coyote Closet {Alice}

Accepting: Blankets, water, non perishable food items, medical kits, cleaning supplies, paper goods, gloves, baby items, hand sanitizer, and hygiene items

Do you know of a helpful resource worth sharing with flood victims and their families? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

Hurricane Harvey caused serious destruction in Houston, but also in small towns along the Texas Gulf Coast, which were seriously damaged or destroyed. From Port Aransas and Rockport to Woodsboro, Bayside, and Tivoli, our community and its history will never be the same. So we’re sharing stories of love, loss, strength, and survival in the Coastal Bend. Do you have a story or perspective you’d like to share? We’d love for you to submit a guest post and share your experience of Hurricane Harvey.

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