Stacie is addicted to many things… deep dark chocolate, herbal tea, freezing time with the click of the camera, and snuggling up with a child on her lap and a good story. Mostly, though, she is addicted to journaling. Putting down thoughtful words with beautiful pictures makes her chaotic world make sense. Stacie spends her days keeping house for her hardworking husband and homeschooling their four eager little learners, ages 3 to 9. She spends her nights dreaming of ways to make her home a refuge of well-intentioned thoughts and actions.

Autumn Play Dough {Making Scents of a Corpus Christi Fall}

If there is one thing I could obsessively collect (aside from books) it would be scents.  I’d bottle up all those amazing scents that have the power to transport me across time and place...

Our Moral Obligation {Parents Need to Vote}

It’s Election Year and I get it.  We’re in the trenches raising babies so getting to the polls to vote feels like a huge deal.  We’ve got dinner to make, kids to drop off...