Shy Alewine

Shy Alewine
Shy is originally from central Texas, but loves the salty air and made Corpus Christi her home. As an educator, small business entrepreneur, wife, and mom she stays busy! Her hobbies include trying not to kill house plants, creating epic Pinterest fails, and winning The Office trivia games even when no one else is playing. She enjoys exploring all the Coastal Bend has to offer and supporting local businesses.
Image of a cross in the sand. In the upper left corner a palm branch lays in the sand.

Participating in Lent With the Littles

PARTICIPATING IN LENT WITH CHILDREN The Lenten season is here! In the weeks preceding Lent I have grandiose ideas of all the great things I will implement in my home to participate in Lent with...
Image: White background with purple, gold, and green Mardi Gras beads across the top. Text reads: A Local's Guide to Corpus Christi's Barefoot Mardi Gras on The Island

Your Guide to the Barefoot Mardi Gras Parade

Mardi Gras is fast approaching, and I for one cannot wait! I know New Orleans kinda has a market on the event, but I think the Barefoot Mardi Gras Parade in Corpus Christi has...
Corpus Christi Coastal Bend: Routine

I Am Sorry I Am Not There, Life is Busy

I remember a time when if someone would ask me to go to a friend’s birthday party, a wedding, or a girl’s weekend, I did not hesitate: I was there. There was rarely a...

3 Homemade Gift Ideas for Those Who Can’t Craft

I am the QUEEN of Pinterest fails. No, really: I mean it. I have tried so many things that I pin, and I just keep failing at them. But, being the kind of person...
Thanksgiving Meal Alternatives - Image of thanksgiving food, including turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, and a pumpkin pie

5 Must-Try Thanksgiving Side Dish Alternatives

It’s a little unbelievable Thanksgiving is around the corner. Ready or not…it is time for turkey and dressing and all the fixings! Though it sounds delicious, the idea of having the same turkey, dressing,...

Benefits of Boredom for Kids – with FREE PRINTABLE

Summer is here, school is out, and you are about to hear the endless onslaught of “But, Mom….I’m bored!” It is so tempting to think we need to fill every moment of the summer...

Why I Ditched Birth Control for Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is growing in popularity, but certainly not as mainstream as more common family planning options. As many as 65% of women use birth control according to the CDC in 2018....

Lots of Ideas for Celebrating Holy Week and Easter Sunday

Easter season is upon us, but before Easter Sunday arrives, we will encounter Holy Week. Holy Week observances are a great way to prepare for Easter Sunday and the Easter season. Every family may...
Fiver Party

A “Fiver” Party || A revolutionary idea for kids birthdays!

A few years ago I was planning my son’s birthday party. A friend casually mentioned the idea of a “fiver party” to me and I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. A fiver...
Image: A mom wearing an orange shirt and blue baseball cap, is eating lunch with three children. From left to right, there is a blond haired boy wearing a green shirt, he is talked to a brunette little girl, wearing a red shirt. Sitting on mom's lap is a child wearing goggles and a rainbow striped sun shirt. They are eating lunch with the ocean behind them.

Waterfront Dining in the Coastal Bend

The Coastal Bend has so much to offer, especially GREAT local restaurants with AMAZING water views. Waterfront dining in the Coastal Bend does not disappoint.   These waterfront dining locations offer the best in seafood, steaks,...