Kara lives in Odem on a five acre mini farm and has been married to Robert for almost six years. Together, they have three children. Reese and Riley, b/g twins {7}, and River {4}. She is part owner in the family business, a ghost writer and active in animal rescue. She was introduced to parenthood in a whirlwind because both of her pregnancies ended with premature births. River was a micro preemie. She feels that those experiences caused her to take more of a laid back approach to life and parenting and taught her that the small things are usually the big things! Kara looks forward to writing for Corpus Christi Moms Blog and sharing her experiences and findings with you all!

Technology Watch: 5 Cool Learning Apps for Kids!

iPads. Tablets. Macbooks. Laptops. Nabi, etc. Technology definitely plays an important role in our day to day activities, especially since we are a homeschooling family.  Though we limit screen time for our 8-year-old twins and...

The Spirit of Our Children

Spirit.  When I entered the world of motherhood 8 years ago, it was to two. Twins. People often approached my husband, Robert and I to ask if it was hard being a parent to two newborns simultaneously....

Homeschooling: Myths Debunked!

We are a homeschooling family.  Homeschooling has been a controversial topic and one that sparks much curiosity since the 1970s. John Holt, both a theorist and supporter of educational reform, proposed the notion. While laws...
servant's heart

Raising Children with Servant’s Hearts

Last week, while making breakfast for my three young ones and their two friends who had slept over, I was reminded how beautiful it is to watch the cultivation of a servant's heart in...

I’ll Wait for You {Tales from a Preemie Mom}

There's something I think every good mom knows. That moment, in a busy crowd or in an open field, when your children stop where they are, turns and looks for you. For you. No one...
must watch tv- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Guilty Pleasures: Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows (IMO)

Let's face it. Watching television for most parents is a luxury at best, definitely a guilty pleasure when we're able to sit down and enjoy some alone time with the ol' tube and escape...

A Lesson in Kindness

Three things before I tell the story of this picture.  First, Riley is 7 and is not allowed in the front seat, but you'll understand why she briefly was as I go on. Two, this isn't...

Fowl Play: Raising Children and Chickens!

We are what you would call, "animal people." Rather, the kids and I are. My husband is guilty by association. Our friends and family sometimes refer to our place as the 'Riojas Mini Farm.' Our...

To My Child: The One I am Hardest On

I am "Mommy" to three amazing little people. Reese and Riley are 7 year old twins. River is 4. Reese is my science guy. His imagination is unparalleled and he can self entertain better than...

Great River Road {A Birth Story}

It was June of 2012. Hot. The weather in South Texas rarely changes. Windy, sunny, rains occasionally. One thing you can almost depend on is the weather here. I was a little over 5...