Elisabeth Tabor

Elisabeth is so excited to be living her best life in Corpus Christi. After years of visiting the beaches of the Coastal Bend, she is loving the salty air, sandy toes, and wind in her hair. No stranger to City Moms Blog Network, Elisabeth began contributing to Austin Moms Blog in 2012 and is thrilled to continue the sisterhood here in Corpus Christi! She is married to Rad Brad and has two boys, Hudson and Finn. Elisabeth enjoys all kinds of music, singing at the top of her lungs - especially in the school drop off line when the kids are getting out of the car - being outdoors as much as possible and is a complete and total proponent of NOT having a television in the living room.
Summer Bucket List | Coastal Bend | Social Distancing

Coastal Bend Summer Bucket List || Social Distancing Edition

Summer vacation is here friends and WE. ARE. HERE FOR IT! But what does that even mean this year? We know that summer may look a little different in 2020, but that doesn’t mean we can’t...
daydreams classic lobby

Day Dreams by Z Party | The Perfect Party Place

With restrictions lifting, we are SO ready to get together with friends! Birthday parades and quarantine parties are super fun, but there isn't much that beats getting together with friends and celebrating. We are super...
Shirelle Edghill

Meet Shirelle | Coastal Bend Mom Collective Contributor

I’ve decided the only way to describe where I’m from is to say “Texas.” I was born and raised near Houston by a surfer father, so we also spent many weeks every year on...

LGBTQ Resources

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Baby Essentials _ All Good Diapers _ Coastal Bend Mom

New Baby? No Problem! Top 10 Must-Have Items for your Newborn

{This post was written in partnership with All Good Diapers. We are grateful for their support and appreciate all they do to give back. Find them at Wal-Mart!} With so many baby items out there,...
Featured Image_ Simple ways to celebrate Cinco De Mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo! Fun ways we can celebrate the day!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE Cinco De Mayo! For many years we have celebrated the day with gatherings with friends, yummy food and drinks, and beautiful BRIGHT colors! For me, it was also...
Star Wars Wedding

May the Fourth Be With You : A Star Wars Wedding

Today is handsome husby's and my 2nd wedding anniversary and I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude for him and for the life that we have built together, with the boys. And also still...
Coastal Bend Mom Co Membership Card

Coastal Bend Mom Co. Membership is HERE!

We are so excited to announce our new Coastal Bend Mom Co. membership! As a Coastal Bend Mom Co. Insider, you receive access to our insider newsletter, plus exclusive products, services and discounts at our favorite...
Neighborhood Egg Hunt _ Coastal Bend Moms _ Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Join Us for A Coastal Bend Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Coastal Bend families may not be able to attend some of our favorite egg hunts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun this Easter! Luckily, with the help from our local...