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Coastal Bend Mom Collective is a locally focused parenting website written BY Coastal Bend area moms FOR Coastal Bendi area moms. Founded in November 2015 by a Corpus Christi mom, Coastal Bend Mom Collective is quickly becoming the area’s largest parenting resource. Our team of moms and social media influencers are extremely passionate about connecting Coastal Bend moms to products and resources that will make life easier. We also firmly believe that there is no one “right” way to be a mom in the Corpus Christi area and love hearing our readers’ differing perspectives on everything from diapering to discipline. We publish new content 6 days a week, which you can have delivered to your email weekly. On CBMC, you’ll find relevant, timely, and fun information within a positive parenting community. Soon, we’ll be planning regular events and playdates in the greater Corpus Christi area to connect moms and families, so we hope to meet you in person very, very soon!
What's the BUZZ about the Rose

THE ROSE: A Girl’s New Best Bud!

Every year - you’ll read about the hottest new toys/gifts for kids.  But today -- we are talking about a toy that has all the ladies “buzzing”.... L I T E R A L...
Cute little girl with a bandaid on her arm

We CAN Do This: A Call to Action to Coastal Bend Parents

THINGS WE HAVE MISSED BECAUSE OF THE COVID PANDEMIC: Triathlon I’d trained for (where I was team captain) Concerts My sister’s entire pregnancy + birth of my niece MANY. BIRTHDAYS. Family gatherings and reunions Seeing...
Cloth Diapering FAQ

Common Cloth Diaper Questions Answered by A Regular Mom

Cloth diapering was a huge jump for this laundry-hating mama. When I did decide to cloth diaper, I had a lot of questions. Funny enough, a lot of people ask me those same questions...

Meet the Team: K

Coastal Bend I'm a midwest native, but my husband's job brought our family to the coastal bend in 2020. I was over the moon to trade my cornfield views for ocean views and our move...
Image of a newborn baby in a white picture frame. Behind the first frame is a second white picture frame with a photo of a toddler. It is the same child, two years apart.

My Baby, Tonight || Microblog

Tonight, like every night, I checked on my baby one more time before I went to bed. I then walked to my room and noticed the picture of her on my bedside table. The...
Mom with three kids | Coastal Bend Mom Collective

You are Worthy | Microblog by guest writer, Savannah Smith

I feel like someone else, some other mama, needs to hear this too... — If the moment is worthy enough for a photo, then don’t look at the picture and reduce it based on how...
Filters and Fillers | Coastal Bend Mom

Filters and Fillers and the Extinction of the Natural Face

  Social media has told us that we need to have perfect bodies and perfect faces- at whatever cost necessary. Our natural is not enough- we need plumper lips, lashes, breasts, and cheeks (all of...

The End of Thumb-sucking Didn’t Suck

Before my daughter was born, I bought all of the pacifiers and swore that I would do whatever I could to make her a "paci baby" instead of a "thumb-sucking baby". My reason? You...
Rice Crispy Eggs

Egg Allergy Friendly Easter Activities

Since my son was diagnosed with an anaphylactic egg allergy in November, my household has been completely egg-free. Upon his first allergic reaction, I instantly grieved a number of "normal" kid activities. I imagined...

My New Favorite Toy And How to Use It

If there's one thing that I despise as a mom, it is toy "junk". You know, the cheap toys that only function in one way and get lost or broken within a month. While...