When you Whine I Wine (A Poem)





Oh sweet son of mine

The more you whine, the more I want to wine 

I know that the terrible twos are just a passing time 

But I can’t help but feel like it’s overwhelming 

Oh sweet son of mine

You are a one of a kind

You bring me happiness, our lives sublime 

But there are times when you wine 

So I wine 

I know that these types of days will be over in due time 

It’s inevitable 


Oh sweet son of mine

Tell me, is it fun to learn to walk and climb?

To throw the toys, to break the books

To give everybody sad puppy dog looks?

To open your mouth to scream and shout

To let the whole world wonder what was that all about?

I get it, you are learning 

Oh sweet song of mine 

I’ll love you forever but here is your sign 

To stop the whining and go to sleep 

And let mommy get a break while you are counting sheep 

She will pour a red or maybe a white

And have just a glass to end the day and enter the night

And we can all get some shut-eye and go to bed

And wait for those dreams to fill our head

And wake up ready for the day 

And spend it all again in song and play 

I will love you forever there isn’t a doubt 

Because that is what parenthood is all about 

So son, thank you for giving me some time

And hubby, thanks for the wine!