My New Favorite Toy And How to Use It


If there’s one thing that I despise as a mom, it is toy “junk”. You know, the cheap toys that only function in one way and get lost or broken within a month. While there are still quite a few “junk” toys in my house, my absolute favorites are toys that teach through play and toys that serve multiple functions. And y’all, I found the end-all toy.

I have spent close to 2 years watching the prices of gross motor “stepping stone” toys to no avail and when this toy popped up in my Amazon suggestions, I was sold. We’ve now had this toy for less than 2 days and, at a fraction of the price of the “stepping stones”, it has paid for itself already. 

There are few toys that I love AND that are safe and fun for both of my kids, 3 and 10 months. But, when I say I love these pods, I’m saying I love them so much. I’m writing an entire (not sponsored) blog post about them. Without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to pilates balance pods- aka, my new favorite toy

Here are 10 ways we’ve found to play with them- in only two days! 

  1. The floor is lava. A good ole’ game of the floor is lava, stepping only on the balance pods. My 3-year-old required some help walking across the first couple of times. She’s a pro now. For older or more skilled kids, flip the pods so that the “curved” side is facing the ground.
  1. Obstacle Course. Incorporate your pods into an Obstacle Course! Grab a broom, laundry basket, chairs, and pillows, and work together to create an Obstacle Course. Get your phone timer and see who can go the fastest!
  1. Hurry! Touch the porcupine! It’s a race to see who can get to the “porcupine” first- who will win?
  1. DON’T touch the porcupine! Using painter’s tape, section off a narrow path and place the pods sporadically on the path. Who can race from one end to the next without touching the pods?
  1. Flamingo standing. Balance on the pod- on one foot. Who can stand like a flamingo the longest? What do you think a flamingo sounds like? For older kids, up the ante by placing a ball in front of them to kick with their free leg. Great for coordination and core and leg strength!
  1. Sensory play. My 10-month-old had had an absolute blast exploring the “nubs” on the rounded side of these pods. Flipping them to reveal the smooth, flat side is a brand new experience.
  1. Stacking. My three-year-old took initiative right away and started creating a tower with the pods. Whose tower will go the highest? They’re topsy-turvy!
  1. Drums. These make a great, deep “drum” sound when hit. Give your kiddos a wooden kitchen spoon for extra fun.
  1. Color jump. Place the pods in a group together and stand back some way from them. Call out a color and see how fast your kiddos can run to the correct pod. Gross motor and color recognition? They’re sleeping good tonight.
  1. ROYGBV sorting and color sorting. I was pleasantly surprised to see my three-year-old lining the pods in perfect ROYGBV order while playing. Give the pods to your kiddo and see if they can make a rainbow. Once they’re lined up, play a game to see who can find colored household items that match each pod.

As you can see, the possibilities for this toy are endless. 

What ways would you incorporate these pods into play?


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