Gift Ideas for an Elementary Aged Girl or Boy


Every year gift giving for my kids during the holidays and their birthdays gets harder and harder. Especially when their rooms are overflowing with toys that are rarely played with. For the last few years, my husband and I have let the grandparents and extended family purchase the toys that end up on our kid’s wishlists and we try to come up with more educational or unique gift ideas.  Because I am sure many parents are in the same boat I wanted to share some of our ideas and past gifts we have given!

Coding Starter Kit – Transform your tablet (Ipad or Fire Tablet)into a hands-on coding adventure. Designed for ages 5–10.

National Geographic Science Kits– I am always hesitant to order the subscription boxes of things, I found these National Geographic science kits that come with SO MANY different experiments and hands-on learning (without realizing they are learning) opportunities.

KiwiCo Subscription– Now if you are more interested in finding something that is catered to your kid’s ages and interests you can go to KiwiCo and select the age range and what they are most interested in from arts and crafts, STEM, animals, pretend play, etc. While this is similar to the Science kits this would be more of an ongoing gift that would be much more specific to your son or daughter.

Literati Book Club– What I love about this subscription is it works a lot like Stich Fix, you tell them about your child and then only keep/pay for the books that they love, and you don’t have to keep anything each month. I am a reader and want to pass my love on to my kids and this would be a good way for the whole family to try reading new authors and genres!

A New Family Hobby– One thing that I think makes a great gift if it is something that brings you and your family closer. Something that would encourage that is to find a new family hobby and gift your kids the supplies they need for that hobby. You could try fishing, gifting them a new pole and tackle box. You can try geocaching and gift your kids a GPS and flashlight to go exploring as a family. The ideas for this are limitless!

Kids Art Projector– There are a lot of different styles and price points, but if you have a child that is really interested in art and learning to draw this is the perfect gift!

Picture Blanket– I am not sure about you but my kids can never have enough blankets on their beds! The snugglier the better, and bonus if they are big enough to be used as a fort on the weekends. This year gift your kids with a big blanket with their favorite family photo on it, something they can keep and treasure for a lifetime. (Bonus idea this is a good one for the grandparents).

Life-Size Outdoor Games– My kids both LOVE board games, but playing the same games over and over can get boring. They have a ton of different oversized games that you can use outside on the porch or in a large playroom.

Texas State Parks Pass– waives entrance fees to 80+ state parks for you and your same-vehicle guests for a full year.

A Room Makeover– This is obviously something that you need to plan and budget for but if you gift your child some of the bigger items that maybe they have been asking for, for their rooms you could then work together to give them a mini-room makeover. My kids’ rooms are FAR from stylish or fancy but this is something that is on our list for this year.

I hope this list of interesting, unique, and educational gifts has helped you come up with a Non-Toy idea for the Elementary Aged kiddo in your life!

If you would like to see some other ideas our CBMC team have come up with over the years you can take a look here for a ton of different gift-giving ideas!