Five Things My Kids Love and I Secretly Hate


 My kids and I enjoy doing a lot of things together. We share a lot of interests and tastes. But, there are some things that I can’t stand doing, but my kids are all about it. 

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1. Going Outside in the Middle of the Day

My boys could LIVE outside. Most days, I literally have to carry my little one in kicking and screaming. Me… not so much. I’m out in the South Texas heat for five minutes and I start to sweat glisten sweat. Ech. Chasing my toddler around is always fun. Don’t eat that. Don’t climb on that. It only takes a matter of seconds before my kids have taken out Every. Single. Toy. from the toy chest… then they abandon all of them two minutes later. Oh, and it doesn’t matter if it hasn’t rained lately, they will find mud! Kids love mud just so you know. Then, I think, “Wow. These are the longest 30 minutes of my life.” I look at my watch. Eight minutes have passed. 8 minutes, people!

Oh well, I am 8 minutes closer to nap time. 


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2. Playing with Chalk

Drawing with chalk is a great creative play. Until, you look around, and wonder how it became so messy so fast. After decorating every inch of your driveway and sidewalk with kid graffiti, take a look at your child. Somehow, a chalky rainbow substance has been rubbed over their entire outfit and covers every once-exposed body part. This is usually when my daughter comes and gives me a huge hug, and now I am a rainbow, too. (Okay, I’ll take the hug.) My 2-year-old, however, is not so subtle. He will proceed to wipe his hands all over me. After all, I am his human napkin.

On a positive note, at least my neighbors will see how much we’re loved because “I Love Mommy and Daddy” has been scribbled every couple of steps along the sidewalk.

3. Bubbles

I know what you are thinking. Aww… bubbles… how innocent and fun! Well, sorry to burst your bubble! (Excuse the pun.) Give your child a gallon of bubbles or one of those bottles that fit in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t really matter. Know that they will be spilled and a bubble mess will run down your child’s arms and legs and down the driveway in a matter of seconds. After, the big spill, you will have a crying child holding a completely empty bottle. (Don’t try to appease them with the fact that you have 11 other bottles and tubes of bubble solution sitting in the garage. That first bottle was their favorite bottle of bubbles, of course.) So, remember Bubbles = Sticky fingers. Oh, and don’t even get me started on bubble mixed with chalk!! For some reason, kids love this. Cue the toddler with messy hands to wipe on mom.

4. Minecraft

interestsWhen I was younger, my friends and I built “farms” online. Put grass here, add a cow and pig there. What were we thinking? What a waste of time! Yes, I participated in that useless computer “fun.” Now my kids are into Minecraft. Pretty similar concept, I think. Still useless. But, then again, maybe there’s more to it. I don’t see it because when my kids start talking about Minecraft, my mind wanders somewhere else. “Do you want to see what I made?” No, no, I don’t want to stare at a screen of boxes of an imaginary place that you can’t actually touch. But, I smile, “Yeah, show me what you made.” I will listen and nod and smile. But, if they ask me a question, I won’t be able to respond because I wasn’t really listening. Guilt sets in. “Tell me again, how you made that.” Listening… listening… not listening…


Like Minecraft, I just can’t get into Pokemon. After hours of my child going on and on about Pokemon cards, games, characters, I still couldn’t tell you a single thing about Pokemon. I am still clueless. Truth be told, I just don’t care. I have no desire to fill my mind with anything Pokemon related. But, my son likes Pokemon for some reason. So until this fad fades out, I will listen or pretend to listen to my boy talk about another imaginary world.

Before you think “bad mom,” remember I said I secretly hate these things. I still buy bubbles, chalk, and Pokemon cards. I still let my child play (a limited amount of) Minecraft. And, you can still find me sitting outside in 90-degree weather watching my little ones play. In the end, it really is about spending time with my family. So, I suck it up and let my kids be kids.

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  1. SO TRUE! Especially the minecraft… ugh. Yes it’s a lovely roller coaster. Why are there spiders there? Goats & pigs? I donngeddit

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