Do Your Kids “Mermaid” Safely?


Do you let your kids “mermaid?”

With summer just around the corner, many South Texas mommies are stocking up on new water toys for the pool and beach. There are so many fun, new, and exciting pool toys out there.

One trendy new water toy is the mermaid tail.  These “mermaid tails” are made of fabric that goes over both legs and ends in a large fin. They come in many different colors and sizes, and most retailers sell shark and barracuda styles for boys, if they don’t want to be “mermen.” There has been some controversy on whether or not mermaid tails are safe for children and even adults to use. The concern is that the tail binds legs together and makes it harder to swim. 

On the flip side, mermaid tails stimulate imaginative play with children in the water. Imaginative play during the younger years of a child’s life is extremely important, as this cognitive exercise will help with academics, conflict resolution, strategizing, and career decisions in the future. Personally, I would have been in hog heaven if I would have had a mermaid tail to transform myself in the water when I was a little girl.

Do Your Kids Mermaid Safely - Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Check out the safety tips below to have fun with a mermaid tail.

  • Use mermaid tails as recommended for children ages six and up.
  • Make sure your child has learned and mastered the proper dolphin kick/”mermaiding” technique.
  • Put on the mermaid tail before entering the water. It is much easier and safer than trying to do it in the water.
  • Remove all pool rings and anything else that a mermaid tail may get stuck in.
  • Avoid the mermaid tail becoming entrapped. Do not allow children to go near drains or suction fittings.

Many mommies only prepare their children for safety in the water, but we should also prepare ourselves for our children’s safety in the water. It is critical that all parents and children feel comfortable using pool toys in the water.

Let me know your thoughts on this trendy new toy below!

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