Cringe Worthy Parenting Moments with Potty Training


As most people look at our friends’ social media pages, we see such happy, picture perfect moments and we are filled with joy to see how beautiful parenthood is. Unless, you are a seasoned mom with three plus kids, like me, you will look at those pictures and wonder what the real story behind it is.  Now, I don’t mean to sound pessimistic about the joys of parenting, but boy oh boy, do I know about cringe worthy parenting moments! But did I post to social media about it? Nope! We sure did feature a really nice family picture though! But hey, I’m telling the real story  now!  Let me share with you my first public cringe with my kids. I call it the untimely bodily function.

Baseball, baseball, baseball! We love baseball! So naturally, when baseball season starts, our boys start league ball, and we buy tickets to watch our local minor league baseball team, the Corpus Christi Hooks play. Our boys were ages 2 and 4 during this game. Might I mention my two year old was recently potty trained! Truly he was amazing! He literally asked for big boy undies, and that was that! (Cringe.)

So we arrive at Whataburger Field pumped to watch the game! We buy sodas, hot dogs, beer, cotton candy, the baseball snack works! We sit down, watch the game until the about top of the 4th inning. The boys start to get restless (cringe.) So of course, I let my husband watch the game while I take the kids to stretch their legs for a bit. 

Now, if you haven’t been to Whataburger Field, it is truly a family fun zone! They have inflatables, a pool you can rent along side the field with a private bar, and a three-story playground, just to mention a few things. Well, my kids were so happy to get to the play place! I was happy that they were no longer causing a ruckus for the spectators seated around us and were now running off some energy. I was standing outside of the gated play place, chatting with a friend while watching both boys play in different areas of the playground

It was so cute and refreshing watching my four year old run to the top level and wave to me. I raised my hand to wave back and the mom standing a few feet away from me starting screaming “what the “fudge” (keeping it pg folks.)” I glance over at her, she lifts her hand and points at her daughter all while in a deep cringe. The mom’s face was pale and full of disgust! I look to her daughter. She was standing on the bottom floor. Something was dripping on her! I look up to the next level, and there, my friends, was my happy 2 year old boy steering the ship wheel on the second floor directly above the little girl. He was unknowingly (or knowingly) peeing his pants. He was determined to play even after his untimely bodily function. It was dripping through wooden planks directly onto the little innocent girl below him. (Cringe.)

The little girl’s mom and I made eye contact and just like that we turned into ninja moms running and grabbing our kids from the play area. I apologized as I dragged both my boys straight into the restroom. I peeled his soiled garments off and tossed them into the trash. I was so shocked and embarrassed, I didn’t have the want or time to track down a plastic bag to throw the clothes in to to be able to take them home to wash. I thankfully was wearing two tank tops. I took the top one off, wrapped it around my naked boy, held my other son’s hand, and walked back to our seats. I felt like I was doing the walk of shame! It seemed like I was walking for hours with everyone staring and judging. I found my husband and told him we had to leave and we couldn’t finish watching the game. One glance and he was up. We were on our way home. 

The trip home was in silence, well, for me it was silence. I tuned everything out. I could only replay that moment over and over and over again. I picked up my phone, and posted the only picture we had taken as a family at the field that day. We were all so happy. Of course the photo was taken before… before it had happened. No one had to know about the untimely bodily function that had occurred that day!

At least, now I can look back at it and laugh until I cry! Have you ever had a cringe worthy parent moment?  If so, comment below!