Common Cloth Diaper Questions Answered by A Regular Mom


Cloth Diapers drying Outside

Cloth diapering was a huge jump for this laundry-hating mama. When I did decide to cloth diaper, I had a lot of questions. Funny enough, a lot of people ask me those same questions when they find out that I cloth diaper now! Without further adeui, here is a list of common cloth diaper questions, answered by me, a regular mom.

  1. How do they hold in poop and pee? 

No matter what kind of cloth diaper you choose (i.e. pockets, flats, fitted, etc.), your diaper will consist of an inner absorbent layer and outer waterproof layer. 

  1. What do you do with the poop? 

Pee and liquid poop are absorbed into the inner diaper. Solid poops are plopped  and/or sprayed into the toilet. I use a diaper sprayer that is attached to my toilet. 

  1. Isn’t that kind of gross? 

I mean, aren’t kids kind of gross? Okay, in all seriousness… yes, sometimes. But the diapers that are gross would have been gross, even in a disposable. 

  1. Do they smell?

No. If they do, you are not laundering them appropriately and you should fix that ASAP. We’ve all heard the horror stories of stinky cloth diaper kids, but most just smell like Tide. 

  1. Are cloth diapers only for crunchy parents?

My fluff butt is fully vaccinated and eats fast food at least once a week. Next question. 

  1. Isn’t it a lot of laundry?

It’s more laundry than disposable diapers, yes. I was about every 3 days and it’s manageable for my family. I actually think it keeps me moving through all laundry because I can’t *not* wash diapers. 

  1. But why go through the extra work?

Some parents want to use less toxins. Some want to reduce their waste. Some want to save money. Some just like cloth diapers. Everyone has their “why”! 

  1. What do you do when you’re not at home?

I bring as many diapers as I need with a wet bag. Soiled diapers go in the wey bag until we get home. 

  1. What do you use to clean them?

I prefer powdered Tide. Everyone has their preference, but you’ll want to use something that is strong enough to handle human waste. 

  1. Can I buy secondhand diapers?

Sure! A lot of people do. A lot of people in the cloth diaper world will call these “preloved”. Just make sure to bleach soak and “strip” them to give them a good restart. 

  1. So, how do I get started? 

Dive in! You’ll need a diaper “stash” and some detergent, to start. I recommend finding a good cloth diaper community, like a Facebook group, where you can get answers to any questions that might pop up.

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Please remember that these are MY opinions. I’m not an expert, just a mom who doesn’t love buying disposable diapers. Any questions? Sound off in the comments!

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