Birthday Bucket List for the BIG 5-0!



Graphic: 50th Birthday Bucket List | Coastal Bend Mom Collective

So my birthday just passed (August 24th) and it was uneventful. But I plan to change that before the BIG 5-0! Now that I am officially 49 – I have a year to accomplish some things that I have on my birthday bucket list – And I want to take you all on my journey.

Graphic: Birthday Bucket List | Coastal Bend Mom Collective

I have 4 things that are on my TO DO list before I turn fifty.

  1. Get a tattoo!   I actually wrote a previous blog about this – click here to read it.  I have never gotten a tat before – but I have always thought about one.  Now I finally have a design that I like and I am currently researching placement, local artists, and pain.  Right now — I am just looking for a small one.
  2. Visit Europe!  I am like the only person that has never been to Europe (well, at least it feels that way).  Everyone in my family has been, most of my close girlfriends have been – but not me.  I have read about a lot of places and seen a lot of movies – but I never pulled the trigger on a trip.  Some of the places I really want to include on a visit are London, Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland.  I know this is a pretty big wish list — and a lot of logistics must be considered to make it happen.
  3. Tennis!  Sign up and play in a tennis tournament.  I just started playing tennis lately and I really enjoy it. It’s exercise and I burn a lot of calories and I am having FUN. I used to play and take lessons when I was a teenager but I never took it seriously or played for high school.  I want to get better with my form and my technique so that I can hold my own and participate in a competition.    
  4. Health/Weight!  I really want to focus this next year on eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle.  As a result of this healthier lifestyle, I want to lose weight and look better in clothes.  I do not want to talk about a scale number – I want to focus on being happier in my skin/clothes.  As a mom and a woman – I tend to focus most of my efforts on my family/business and less on myself.   I really want to change that this year.  While I will still put my best efforts in my business and my family — it’s time to organize intentional time designed just for me.

So, over the next 12 months (or 365 days) I will focus on making these four birthday bucket list items actually come true. Of course, I plan to take y’all along for the ride with me — I will post blogs relating to this 5-0 journey.  Thank you for following along.

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