A Childhood Favorite Dances Back to Life : Angelina Ballerina


Seeing my one year old daughter bounce around to music while smiling and laughing brings joy to my heart. Throughout my childhood and into college, I took dance lessons and I am so happy to see my daughter enjoying dance and music at this early stage in life too.

Part of my childhood dance obsession was with the book series Angelina Ballerina. The series of children’s books by Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig follow a mouse who is passionate about dance and is training to be a ballerina. I had most of the books growing up and even a stuffed Angelina mouse doll in a tutu (she may have even ventured to the dentist with me a time or two). The books from my childhood are now on the bookshelves of my daughter’s nursery and a favorite bedtime read for the both of us.

Angelina Ballerina : Reading : Corpus Christi Moms Blog

My sister recently alerted me Angelina will be prancing back on the bookshelves and I am beyond elated! Publishers Simon & Schuster announced that Angelina Ballerina will make a return with a re-release of the first book and ten new titles planned for the coming year. The original author and illustrator are on board for the re-launch. I am so excited to continue to share my love of reading, dance, and Angelina with my little girl. I can imagine a lot of you will be too!

Whether this is an old favorite for you or a new read, this series is sure to be a favorite of your little ballet dancers.


What are some of your childhood favorites to share with your littles? We are big advocates of Raising Readers and would love to add to our bookshelves!

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