5 Ways to Help your Child feel Special on their birthday


Help Your Child Feel Special on their Birthday

My Mom was the master of birthdays. And because of her passion for birthdays I  love birthdays as well. I’ve had to train my husband and hint heavily when it comes to MY birthday what I expect (insert winky face) but as far as my kids…I LOVE planning ways to make them feel absolutely special the entire day.

5 ways to help children feel special on their birthday

Many of these traditions I have with my kiddos were things my Mom did for me as a child.

1. Get out their baby book

I used to LOVE this one so much, and now my daughter does too. We get out their baby books and we slowly flip through the pages, and pictures. My kids love hearing what their first words were, or seeing their monthly milestone pictures. And I love remembering how small they were. In our family we do this the night before their birthday, and I will always treasure snuggling those freshly bathed babies while we flip through memories.

2. Birthday Kisses “Good-Night”

My mom would always tuck us in on our birthday eve and say “This is the last time I will kiss you as a six year old” (or five year old, or 10 year old…) and I would always laugh and excitedly snuggle in to the sheets and anxiously await my special day.

5 ways to help children feel special on their birthday

3. Confetti Waffles

On birthday mornings “only” we turn our normal Kodiak Cakes into confetti waffles with a little dash of rainbow sprinkles. We serve them topped with berries and whipped cream and my kids look forward to this all year long. We of course kick off the morning with singing happy birthday and blowing out the first candle of the day.

5 ways to help children feel special on their birthday

4. Decorations

We keep it simple, and yet my kids always act like it’s SO magical. We love to hang streamers from the door frame, so that the birthday kiddo has to walk through a curtain of streamers and balloons as soon as they wake up. We love to hang balloons from the light fixtures, and a few birthday banners of course. A little bit goes a long way in making them feel special.

5. Choose the Menu

The Birthday girl or boy in our family gets to choose the menu for the day! No questions asked. I always enjoy hearing what they love most!


How do you celebrate birthdays at your house? We’d love to hear! And for some more creative ideas check out our recent post about birthday parades!

5 ways to help children feel special on their birthday

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